30 Before 30: Meet Noah

October 23, 2013

For my 27th birthday, I sat down my sister and brother in law and told them that for my 28th birthday the only thing I wanted was a niece or a nephew. Let’s be honest, I am a girl who knows what she wants and people do not like disappointing me.

Exactly 12 days after I turned 28 years old, my nephew came into this world.

Noah James
7lbs 12oz. 20 inches long.

is a world class cuddler
as curious and attentive as his auntie Dani
has his daddy’s nose and mommy’s lips and chin
cannot wait to meet his grandpa Noah but loves hanging out in the kitchen with this grandma Noah
spends most of his time cuddling with his puppy, Rudy
makes oinking sounds all day long
loves to have his hair washed
is the cutest baby ever.

It is amazing that he is only a week old and has already changed my life for the better. I cannot get enough time with him and have taken to cooking dinner and folding laundry just for a chance to be near him.

His parents did one heck of a job creating this little monkey and giving me the best birthday present ever.

Just not sure how they will top it next year! 😉


  1. Get a pixie haircut. – Completed Dec 12, 2012
  2. Go on a vacation alone.
  3. Karaoke.
  4. Camp.
  5. Learn to longboard skateboard. Or at least attempt it.
  6. Complete a catch on the flying trapeze. – Completed Sept 24, 2013
  7. Throw a fancy dinner party.
  8. Run a marathon. (But I will settle for a half)
  9. Visit Canada.
  10. Travel to a country I have never been before (not Canada). – Completed May 9, 2013 with Amsterdam
  11. Revisit my best friend in Florida.
  12. See a football game in the south. War Eagle.
  13. Learn to grill. – Completed April 2013
  14. Attempt snowboarding… again.
  15. Take a cooking class. – Completed Nov 11, 2012 at Pantry at Delancy – Pie Ninja
  16. Hold my future niece or nephew. – Completed October 15, 2013
  17. Treat my parents.
  18. Make a pie from scratch.
  19. Find the perfect swimsuit.
  20. Decorate a christmas tree.
  21. Ride a motorcycle.
  22. Explore 5 states I have never visited before.
  23. Conquer my reoccuring NYE resolution of reading 50 books in one year.
  24. Learn to french braid. – Completed Fall 2012
  25. Take a 2 week vacation: 2 consecutive weeks.
  26. Build something… that doesn’t come from Ikea.
  27. Do one cartwheel.
  28. Matchmake a couple, successfully.
  29. Wear my navy blue special occasion Florida dress.
  30. Be apart of something momentous, memorable, and national. Subjective… deal with it.

BONUS: Be awesome every day.

One thought on “30 Before 30: Meet Noah

  1. Christine

    Congratulations on your new nephew!! He is adorable! You’re a lucky girl, no one has ever given me a niece or nephew for my birthday… 😉

    And can I just say #26 on your list made me chuckle out loud. I am with you, sister.


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