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Real Simple

September 12, 2013

Do you read Real Simple?

It is my favorite magazine and the only one I read cover to cover. A few months ago I was picked to be Real Simple’s Reader of the Month for October and I am so excited that the magazine is now out on the stands.

It may not be the book I keep saying I will write but it does delight me.

Side note:
I worked with an editor at Real Simple months ago and forgot what I had written to them so when I saw that my secret talent is “matchmaking” I fell to the floor laughing. It was just a few days ago that my friends told me I was the worst matchmaker ever. Apparently my matchmaking skills are only a talent in my mind!

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Things to: Eat, Drink, Do

April 17, 2012

Things to do…
Places to eat…
Places to drink…

Instead of keeping a list of must try’s in my head, and probably forgetting once I actually have time to do something, I put together three mason jars that have my favorite spots (or things to do) as well as a new places to try. I compiled a list based off of current places I love, Eater updates, recommendations, and yelp…and then keep adding to it!

Care to join me for a night out?

I am a book collector and an avid reader. To me, they are treasured pieces… but only if I enjoyed the book.

I once spent a weekend hollowing out a book to create a secret compartment for a boyfriend.

I found an old version of a book he never stopped talking about on Amazon and spent an hour in Paper Source getting the right supplies. It took me a Sunday afternoon to cut out the inside and then a day to dry. I filled it with treats and finally shipped it off.

Who knows if this book still exists, but I considered it a success. (Gifts are also my love language so I’m totally biased!)

I’m never one to repeat a gift especially if they are from previous relationships. But I love the idea of doing something creative with books. Which is why, this may be my next project:

How, when and for whom is yet to be determined. Stay tuned.