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Jam from Bear Flagg Farms





For January’s Community Dinner I wanted to try something a little different and have a Saturday brunch instead. Inspired by Pinterest recipes, I made scones with jam from Mary’s wedding in Bear Flagg Farms, baked eggs with a hashbrown crust, slow-cooked oatmeal, yogurt parfaits, Coava coffee, mimosas, and store bought donuts. Only one cheat from the whole menu!

I foolishly did not test a single recipe prior to serving, breaking a cardinal rule for having guests over for dinner, but I didn’t have the time to try! Luckily, each piece turned out delicious and was made even better by the friends that joined.

We were especially treated this month as my mom made a surprise visit by rerouting a business trip flight to Seattle.

I have started planning and brainstorming February’s Community Dinner and I am torn between a soup or pasta centered meal. I want to get a few comfort dinner’s in while the winter vegetables are still in prime season. If you have better ideas, please share!

Until next dinner…

When I moved a few months ago, I had the opportunity to get a new kitchen table. I had an old table sitting in storage in Portland but in my new place I had space for a farm type community table.

I have always dreamed of having a table that I could bring my dearest friends together to enjoy each other’s company over dinner and drinks. And not too long ago, I finally made it happen.

I am not an avid fan of cooking. I do enjoy it occasionally but it mostly stresses me out, specifically if I am cooking for others. It makes me feel extremely self conscious.

I invited my inner circle over for a simple meal of pesto/garlic chicken, sweet potatoes, and salad. Everything was made by scratch and cooked with love… and it turned out better than I could have imagined. (Special thanks to my sous chef and roommate)

The real test was my brother in law, a passionately talented cook, who later asked my sister… “That chicken was really good! Where do you think Danielle bought it from?” I’ll take that success.

I love the promise of my community table and the hope of many more dinners yet to come. It is my goal to start doing it not as one off get togethers but reoccurring events. Perhaps with 2013, I will start with just once a month and increase from there.

And with that… a cheers and hope that you may one day join.

I have been dreading the 27th birthday for the past three months. 27! Had I known that I would have a week long celebration with family and friends over six nights, I would have turned 27 earlier!

Not all people who helped me celebrate my day are shown, I didn’t bring out my camera on my actual birthday get together with friends… but all the same, thank you to those above and those not pictured who made this birthday so wonderful.

Picnic Book Club

July 3, 2012




During the constant pours and grey clouds of June, we had a day of blue sky and warm weather. This day happened to fall upon the day my book club scheduled a picnic during our last get together. As the stars aligned, we met at Kerry Park to discuss The Paris Wife and all that transpired in the month since we were last together.

It is important to me to create something beautiful in the mundane. I don’t think you need to live lavishly to live beautiful but instead to think creatively and uniquely you.

I picked up some peonies and fruit still in the crate and paired those colors with a simple cream blanket, silver tray, and candles. For me, it made a simple picnic special and different.

After book club quieted down and only a few friends remained, we were able to watch the sunset by candlelight and get down to the nitty gritty of life that a large group may not allow.

Pitbull Little Noah

February 8, 2012

I’m a little pitbull.
Defender of the little man.
Advocate for the underdog.

Which is why on Saturday I took on a 6’2 “Bro”.

It was girls night. We started with dinner and drinks, drove back to my place for freshening up, then walked down the hill for a lively scene and more drinks.

I was set on perfecting my “Have you met Ted?” line. It’s a simple wingman move… Tap on the shoulder of the guy standing next to you, ask him if he has met one of my beautiful friends and then turn around to continue my conversations with other friends.

Saturday night: 75% success rate… That is if you define success as meeting a guy at a bar.

Let’s roll with it.

One of my girlfriends ended up connecting with a guy and they talked for nearly the entire time we were there. As we kept checking in on her, they were hitting it off… flirting, exchanging numbers, inching closer and closer together. But after an hour our friend came back upset… “he has a girlfriend.”

Five minutes later he came over to apologize and ask for his coat back. She said she didn’t have his jacket.

Bro: “I know you have it, I saw you leave with it.”
Friend: “I don’t have it.”

Pitbull Little Noah steps in.

Me: “E, do you have his jacket?”
Friend: “No.”
Bro: “I saw her pick it up.”
Me: “She doesn’t have your jacket.”
Bro: “She took it.”
Me: “As you can see, she isn’t wearing a jacket and it’s not in her hand.”
Bro: “I want my jacket back.”
Me: “It isn’t here”
Bro: “I saw her.”Me: “She says she doesn’t have it so back off!”

Bro leaves. Bro’s friend comes over heated. Demanding the jacket.

Me: “She didn’t take his jacket!”

It was clearly time for us to go. These guys were only going to keep coming back and I, along with a few other girls, were over the scene.

All of the girls grabbed their jackets and purses.

But there was one left over.

In my lap.


Oh, frak.

“We’re leaving NOW.”