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In all my explorations across Amsterdam, Hotel Droog was by far my favorite find.

At the historical centre of Amsterdam, you will find a hospitality experience like no other. Hôtel Droog is a place where you can come for a drink, a bite to eat, exclusive shopping, exhibitions, beauty advice, a stroll in the garden, a lecture series, or even a bed for the night.

As soon as you walk in to Hotel Droog, you feel more creative by the atmosphere alone. The first floor is their main shop with the front room for furniture and miscellaneous products and the backroom has apparel. At the second level you will find their cafe and fashion / beauty inspired rooms and on the top level is the one and only hotel room.

The store sells design inspired product, the garden is like a scene from Willy Wonka, and the cafe is so warm and perfect I never wanted to leave. It perfectly balances minimalism, color, and design… And if I could, I would rent out their hotel room year round.

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June 3, 2013

My favorite restaurant in Amsterdam is probably better known as a cafe. Greenwoods has two locations and on trip advisor both are in the top 25. Seeing those numbers made me feel better about going there three times on my week long visit.

Two times for lunch with mom and a coffee visit with a friend, Greenwoods quickly became my favorite stop in Amsterdam. It has intimate seating, a menu that combines basic fresh flavors with a twist, and soda bread that is out of this world. Just thinking about the bread makes my mouth water.

Plus, how can you not love a place that has Twiggy on the wall?





singel 103, english tea room & shop, breakfast, lunch, high tea
keizersgracht 465, english tea room & restaurant, breakfast, lunch, high tea, dinner

Heineken Experience

May 31, 2013

Not all beers are created equal.

Or maybe they are?

As a non-beer drinker, after visiting the Heineken Experience I have a new appreciation for it’s flavor and carbonation controlling foam.

But seriously? This was one of my favorite “museums” in Amsterdam. Totally touristy. Totally worth it.


Holy smokes, dreamboat right? I have never paid so much close attention to anything before. Later learned he is 19. Oh to be young…






This experience has it all… no seriously, they even have a “ride” that lets you feel what it would be like to a brewed beer. Let me tell you, it’s exhilarating. :-)

It’s finally Friday. Now come on over and join me on my deck. I’ll even share my Heineken and the partly sunny weather Seattle is reportedly getting this weekend.

Hermitage Apartments // Amsterdam

May 24, 2013

One of the significant contributors to having my holiday in Amsterdam be so wonderful was the apartment we stayed in. I will take an apartment or B&B over a hotel any time I can and the Hermitage B&B and Apartments did not disappoint.

This one bedroom apartment was on the Amstel canal and in the heart of everything. We were within walking distance to every museum and tourist destination the city has but also to the spots that locals recommended that weren’t on Rick Steve’s radar.

Just stepping out my apartment doors or opening our large french windows I was drawn in to the wonder that is Amsterdam.

If you are planning a visit to Amsterdam, without fail I would recommend you stay here. The owner was so wonderful and her places were the perfect balance of comfort and holiday luxury.

She even offered to let me stay there for extended months over winter… which means I’m now fervently working on a business case to convince my work. Perhaps, I need to open European offices for us…

Hermitage B&B and Apartments
Amstel 35
1011 PT Amsterdam Netherlands

Dancing through Amsterdam

May 21, 2013

After 8 days in Amsterdam and another number marked off my #30before30 list I have so much to share.

It was such an amazing trip and a total treat to experience it with my mom. We walked, biked and ate all through out the city… but most importantly, I danced.

For those that prefer vimeo >

Next week, there is going to be an Amsterdam take over on Andbubblegum as I share all of the best bits of the trip.

Until then, I have some amazing contributor posts these next few days!

Stay tuned,



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