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Guy Cute vs. Girl Cute

October 28, 2013


A common conversation my family and I have is the theory of “Guy Cute” and “Girl Cute.” The idea is that most often girls dress for the approval of other girls, and often wear something that men do not find attractive.

Dressing to be cute in a guy’s eyes could be the last worry you may have, but…, as a single girl, this is my family’s first touch point as to why I am single. In their eyes, I am the worst offender.

My dress style is best described as quirky lady-like with lots of layers. (trademark pending 😉 ) I typically take something that would be very pretty and then add pieces on top of pieces. I can walk down the street and have a handful of girls stop to compliment me (true story), but it does nothing to attract the opposite sex.

In fact, one of my coworkers told me I am the very definition of the “Man Repeller” manifesto. But perhaps my brother-in-law said it best, “You are like Zoey Deschanel. Every guy thinks she is ‘cute’ but she isn’t ‘hot.'” I happen to take both as a compliment… 1. The Man Repeller is fabulous 2. Zoey Deschanel is exactly what I am going for.

But in case you are like me… being told by family and friends that you dress cute but terribly weird… this is my sure fire advice for dressing “guy cute”.

1. Simplify

Yep, that’s it. Guys aren’t complicated. Less is more (and no I am not talking about showing more skin). Wearing the bells and whistles will put you on the path of “girl cute”. Instead wear simple pieces that that fit you well and won’t detract from your awesome personality.

Because let’s be honest… what you wear will only get you a second glance. Who you are, well that’s a whole other blog post.


Derby Day is always one of my favorite days of the year. Big hats, lady-like dresses and men dressed to the nines… it is like a dream come true… that I only get once a year.

Last year I made the rounds to Tavern Law to drink Mint Juleps and watch the race but this year there was not a friend in sight that shared my excitement for the Derby.

Luckily, I have one of the best teams at work a girl could ask for and they did not disappoint.

Kentucky Derby attire | Derby hats Nordstrom
Kentucky Derby attire | Derby hats Nordstrom
Kentucky Derby attire | Derby hats Nordstrom | Ann Johnson, Kim Aber, Sarah Allen, Kellie DeFrank, Angela Snyder, Danielle Noah, Amy Jang, Vanessa Nelson, Mike Adams
Kentucky Derby attire | Derby hats Nordstrom
Kentucky Derby Attire
Kentucky Derby attire | Derby hats Nordstrom
Kentucky Derby attire | Derby hats Nordstrom



I scored this little bow shift dress years ago from Forever 21. It was the only one hanging on the end of a rack and it probably cost less than $30. I love those unexpected finds that you have forever but still don’t cost hardly a thing. I’ve evolved it over the years through cardigans, belts, tights, and shoes but always a classic in my closet. (Just don’t tell anyone else it is a little cheapy)

Dress: similar style black shift dress for under $50
Cardigan: Zulily had a really similar style, if you like flash sale sites, try finding a similar cardigan here
Belt: Leopard belt turned backgrounds so the clasp is hidden.
Shoes: similar style Cole Haan oxfords but with a pop of color at the laces.



Brooches and Pins are back in a big way.
Prior to joining my current team, they started the ideation and strategy of relaunching brooches on Nordstrom. We would sell a couple on our site but never an entire category full. Last week we launched “Brooch the Subject”, a brooch style guide and video and I was beyond inspired.
During one of my weekend visits to Portland, I raided my mother’s jewelry box and stole her entire brooch collection. Or “borrowed” like she so kindly reminds me.
From these brooches and inspired by the style guide, I did 5 days of wearing at least one brooch and to an upwards of 18. I wanted to play around with unique ways to style the pins, similar to the video, but quickly learned that I needed to practice my bedazzling.

However, wearing a brooch every day made each outfit unique and was a conversation piece no matter where I was. I talked with more strangers in this past week than I have in the last month.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Pin the brooches on your clothes when they are off body. Easy enough concept that I didn’t learn until Day 3.
  • Pin the brooches to your clothing with felt or a coarser material behind it. Brooches are heavy, especially 18, and can weigh down the fabric.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously.

I am having trouble deciding what my next pair (or two) of eye glasses should be. I have been wearing my Ray-Bans for nearly four years now and wanted to add a new style into the mix.

Can you help me decide? I obviously need a pair that looks just as rad with hair up or hair down.

I brought over the glasses to have my friends add some input and we got a bit distracted.


Party Dress vs Party Romper

February 14, 2012

On Friday night I went dancing. It is an event that had been on my calendar for over a month and I spent that entire month talking to everyone who would listen… accumulating and convincing a group.

The week of the event I narrowed down my outfit options to two:

The Party Dress
The Party Romper

At the time, my outfit was determined on the group that would come. It was a simple if/then situation.
If my crush came, then I would wear my party dress.
If my crush did not come, then I would wear my party romper.

A few days prior to Friday, I accepted that my crush would not be there and would wear the party romper. My romper had not seen the daylight since my mother labeled it as atrocious. It was time.

Like most plans: they changed. As soon as Friday arrived, the decision came down to a vote.

One shoulder romper // Cinches at waist, one shoulder… wait for it…. with shoulder pad!

 Black dress // Exposed back with bows.

And the decision:

The Party Dress

Looks like my Mom won this round and she wasn’t even around to vote.

I ended up pairing the outfit with minimal jewelry and flats. I love giving myself some extra height in heels but at the end of the day, I would much rather dance until close then care if my legs look a few inches longer. I’m short. I’ve accepted it.