April Family Dinner

May 1, 2013

Family dinner is easily my favorite night of the month… it even tops Dessert for Dinner! This month especially may have been my favorite yet because of the delicious (and EASY) food and the amazing group that joined.


Jennifer Burgart & Megan Montplaisir


Vik Rajagopal and Ashley Rajagopal


Pear & Prosciutto Pizza


Michael Bambaurer

Elyse, my roommate, and I hosted a pizza night, made easy by Trader Joe’s, that took all of the pressure that I self impose on myself when cooking.

The plan was originally to have friends show up and build their own pizza but as prep time came prior to their arrival I nixed the idea. Instead, Elyse, Jenn (her twin) and I made seven artisan pizzas ranging from basic to superb:

  • Cheese
  • Pepperoni
  • Pepperoni & Pineapple
  • Spicy Coppa & Salami
  • Spicy Coppa, Salami, Red Peppers & Black Olives
  • Veggie (Broccoli, Green Peppers & Red Onion)
  • Prosciutto, Pear & Toscano Cheese
The standout winner and most eaten pizza was the prosciutto/pear and although I was happy that my mad creation did well, I was disappointed that there were no left overs for me the next day.
Also a win? The group was so large this week that it was finally time to add the insert to our community table to fit all of us. Oh the things that delight me!
As I plan my May Family Dinner, what should my menu be? Remember…. keep it easy!


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