Tonight Tonight

October 6, 2011

I once tweeted that every time I hear the song “Tonight, Tonight” by Hot Chelle Rae I can’t help but shake it. That may have been months ago but it is still true to this day, regardless how overplayed the song is. In fact, it has become a joke between my sister and I because of my dorky dance that I MUST do, no matter where I am.


At Ashley’s wedding that was the one song I was hoping for but as people continued requesting songs and the DJ seemed to be a fan of dance music, I gave up hope. With only a few songs left, Ashley grabbed me from my water break underneath the twinkle lights outside because she wanted to dance.  One of her other bridesmaids had just excitedly told us she requested “Sex on Fire” and as we walked back to the dance floor my mind was racing with why the heck would someone request that song, let alone be able to dance to it.


As we hit the dance floor and the previous song finished, “Tonight, Tonight” came on. Ashley was delighted with herself at surprising me and I was swept in emotion by the silly thoughtfulness of my sister.


Then the dance floor cleared. Apparently I am the only one that likes this song.


It was LITERALLY just me and Ashley having a dance off party, a scene that is pretty typical of our hangouts. Except this time we just happened to be surrounded by 100 friends and family. And they were watching.


I will never forget those four minutes.


It was just me…


And Ashley…


In our own little dance party.


I couldn’t ask for a better finish to my sister’s wedding and a more treasured memory.









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