Show Up.

April 28, 2015

A story I frequently enjoy telling is of my short-lived soccer career.

It was third grade. A trying year.

I joined the soccer team because that is what you did as a Noah. When you are born into a sporty family you play every sport in school and accept that your dad will be by the sidelines telling you what to do louder than the coach.

I bought all of the gear. I went to every practice. I never started but I followed the coach up and down the field until she put me in. I knew I wasn’t the best but I showed up and I hustled.

After a game where we had gotten crushed my coach was dejected and frustrated. She may have been coaching a team of 3rd and 4th graders but she was expecting excellence. On the bus ride home she attempted a pep talk. Unfortunately, I think I am the only one that walked away remembering it…

Being tired of our lack of enthusiasm,

“Why can’t you guys be more like Danielle? She is not good but at least she stands by my side ready to go in. So she does.”

I  was humiliated in the moment but laugh at that story now, especially because I really was terrible. But I also laugh because in 3rd grade I learned something most people still don’t know.

I may never be the best but that isn’t what is important. What is important is the showing up and trying.

I think about this often.
If I am feeling insecure or not capable. When I know there are others that are smarter, faster, prettier than I am…
Show up. Give your best. Who cares if others are better, at least you are in the game.




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