Picnic Book Club

July 3, 2012




During the constant pours and grey clouds of June, we had a day of blue sky and warm weather. This day happened to fall upon the day my book club scheduled a picnic during our last get together. As the stars aligned, we met at Kerry Park to discuss The Paris Wife and all that transpired in the month since we were last together.

It is important to me to create something beautiful in the mundane. I don’t think you need to live lavishly to live beautiful but instead to think creatively and uniquely you.

I picked up some peonies and fruit still in the crate and paired those colors with a simple cream blanket, silver tray, and candles. For me, it made a simple picnic special and different.

After book club quieted down and only a few friends remained, we were able to watch the sunset by candlelight and get down to the nitty gritty of life that a large group may not allow.

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