Last year I had high expectations for spending someone elses money to get a christmas tree and then watch them decorate… unforunately, it didn’t go as planned and they went without me.

But not this year:






Emily invited me along to her adventure of finding THE tree and (between you and me) it was a good thing I went. She wanted a 6ft high tree to fit in her living room but once we got there she only had eyes for 8-9ft high and just as wide. She was bound to be living in a tree house for the next month.

Although I had to burst her bubble a few times, she was resilient… determined to find her one.

And find her we did.

She stood 7ft tall in a corner one of the fields. She had no holes, no brown edges, no sagging limbs and a top perfect for an angel. She was unassuming but beautiful, just waiting for a “She’s All That” makeover. Emily knew that this tree could be prom queen with a few strands of lights and jewels to dazzle.

Emily squealed.
Emily hugged her.
Emily named her Edith.

Then Emily took her home.

(Tree Hunting Style: Hoodie circa 2004, chambray shirt, Paige Skyline Skinnies c/o Paige Denim, Hunter bootstech glovesred hat)

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