Let’s Be Friends

February 7, 2014

The hot topic of discussion between my girl friends this week is when do you make the step in dating to become Facebook friends.

It seems everyone has their own opinions so here is a break down of three extreme views:

The Coworker:

“The minute we break up.” No seriously, once the relationship is over is generally when she takes the leap to sharing virtual lives. No sooner.

The Friend:


Amy, the gem of Seattle, believes in being friends only once that person becomes relevant in your life; when there are invites to share, photos to tag, and they are an actual part of your life. Also, in the era of casual dating, a large percentage of dates don’t amount to anything significant and at the end of the day you are left being “friends” on facebook for no reason. You see a portion of the person’s life and have that reminder that you went out a few times but it didn’t work out.

The Eager Beaver:


Yes, that’s me. I have this compulsive nature to be Facebook friends immediately. As a child of the internet, I have spent the past 15 years curating my social footprint and willing to share it with anyone/everyone. But more than that, and I probably shouldn’t admit this, I like the information. When I am casually dating someone, I love to see how they represent themselves online, the people they surround themselves with, and how they digitally handle life. It gives me a good idea as to whether or not we will be a good fit.


There is always a but. I may be changing my ways and leaning more towards Amy’s perspective. As much as I love that immediately insurgence of information, when it doesn’t work out, and it often doesn’t, I am left with a graveyard of crushes and their lives beyond me.

When do you take your dating relationship to be Facebook friends? And for those that are married, give your best recommendation for your single pals.


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