On your mark…

December 26, 2013


As I’m not getting any younger, my 30 before 30 list still has a handful of items untouched. There are a few that are in the works and one in particular:

Run a half marathon.

Apart from my family and a few good friends this goal’s progress (or lack thereof) has been kept a secret. But now I have a marathon penned in my calendar, a closet full of amazing gear, an app to help with training, and a support team both in training and race day partnership.

So why now am I telling you? Accountability. I am now holding you personally responsible in making sure I cross the finish line.

In the meantime, send me your best running songs to perfect the ultimate half marathon playlist…and wish me luck.


Get my running gear:







2 thoughts on “On your mark…

  1. Emily

    What’s the race what’s the race??? Goooooo Dani. Even if you’re not a regular Eminem fan, Lose Yourself is the greatest running song of all time. A more girly option is Foundations by Kate Nash.


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