I wrote to you this week about handwriting and then I caught up on last month’s book club book and Adriana Trigiani in Brava, Valentine brought it to life.

 A handwritten letter carries a lot of risk. It’s a one-sided conversation that reveals the truth of the writer. Furthermore, the writer is not there to see the reaction of the person he writes to, so there’s a great unknown to the process that requires a leap of faith. The writer has to choose the right words to express his sentiments, and then, once he has sealed the envelope, he has to place those thoughts in the hands of someone else, trusting that the feelings will be delivered, and that the recipient will understand the writer’s intent. How childish to think that could be easy.


(Trigiani, Adriana (2010). Brava, Valentine: A Novel (p. 226). HarperCollins e-books. Kindle Edition.)


Handwriting, I recommend.


Letters, I definitely recommend.


This book, besides a few choice quotes, not as much.

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