Migraines and Manfriends

October 23, 2012

When I was younger I use to get terrible headaches. My family had me keep a journal of when I would get them and how often they occurred. We couldn’t find a pattern and chalked it up to allergies. As an adult, I am prone to headaches and it wasn’t until recently that I thought anything of it.
Another bad spell hit on Sunday. My headache started around 1pm and I took one advil at 5pm. Pain only continued to increase so I took another two at 9pm. As I was hanging out at the Manfriend’s house, I felt it best to leave because I could barely keep my eyes open without it hurting.

I made it home when nausea hit and I spent the rest of the night in pain.

I woke up the next morning only to email my boss and coworkers that I wouldn’t be in the office.

I got out of bed at 2pm to eat lunch and immediately went back to bed.

At 5:50pm is when I crawled back out to watch the debates and re-enter society.

But this post isn’t just about migraines.

Re-enter: Manfriend.

He texted in the morning to check on me.  Very sweet.

Later that day we talked briefly as he was eating dinner and he said he would call right back. “15 minutes.”

An hour went by.
I know this because I checked my phone. I most likely rolled my eyes too.

Finally he called back. Asked what I was doing. (Cleaning). Then told me to let him in.


Let him in.

He was downstairs.
I was upstairs….
In my pajamas….
After having spent nearly the last 24 hours in bed unwell…

This is a relatively new relationship. Almost four months total of “it’s complicated” and this last month of “it’s a little less complicated more serious but still complicated.” We have not hit the no-need-to-shower-and-be-in-messy-clothes stage. I am still 100% in the I am absolutely-naturally-perfect and “yes-I-totally-make-my-bed-every-day-and-my-home-is-always-spotless” stage.

I spent exactly two minutes contemplating hiding in my apartment. Thankfully, my roommate (clearly the only smart person in the place) told me there is absolutely no way I can pretend he is not downstairs and not let him in.

I finally went downstairs to let him in my building and as I opened the door I graciously said, “I am so mad at you.” But there he was… In the rain…holding two hot chocolates and just “wanting to make sure you are okay.”

Definitely a little less complicated.

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