Party Dress vs Party Romper

February 14, 2012

On Friday night I went dancing. It is an event that had been on my calendar for over a month and I spent that entire month talking to everyone who would listen… accumulating and convincing a group.

The week of the event I narrowed down my outfit options to two:

The Party Dress
The Party Romper

At the time, my outfit was determined on the group that would come. It was a simple if/then situation.
If my crush came, then I would wear my party dress.
If my crush did not come, then I would wear my party romper.

A few days prior to Friday, I accepted that my crush would not be there and would wear the party romper. My romper had not seen the daylight since my mother labeled it as atrocious. It was time.

Like most plans: they changed. As soon as Friday arrived, the decision came down to a vote.

One shoulder romper // Cinches at waist, one shoulder… wait for it…. with shoulder pad!

 Black dress // Exposed back with bows.

And the decision:

The Party Dress

Looks like my Mom won this round and she wasn’t even around to vote.

I ended up pairing the outfit with minimal jewelry and flats. I love giving myself some extra height in heels but at the end of the day, I would much rather dance until close then care if my legs look a few inches longer. I’m short. I’ve accepted it.


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