“Don’t try to be a cool girl. You already are a cool girl.”

These simple words from a friend brought tears running down my cheeks as I sat in a coffee shop surrounded by strangers. We were catching up via Google hangout and I confessed some self-doubt I was working through. My friend’s statement was meant to be playful and silly, but it was just the reminder I needed.

As a not so calm, but totally collected and confident girl, I often have moments of self-doubt. Fortunately, I’ve surrounded myself by a select, but mighty, group of individuals who remind me who I am in those moments I seem to forget.

I recently turned 30 and to celebrate I invited several friends, both near and far, for brunch. Not everyone could make it that morning, but as I scanned the long table of familiar faces, and listened to their chatter, I realized how blessed I was. It struck me in that moment that I am surrounded by people who have chosen to love me.

And in fact, in this group there were a handful of people who not only have chosen to love me, but at times carry me when I need to be carried.

“In my effort to overcome my lifelong struggle with self-hatred, the despair of ever being worthy of love, I have been aided immeasurably by trusted and trusting friends who, with no ulterior motive, see something in me that I cannot see myself. They do not merely tell me, they relate to me in a way which shows me that find me lovable. Learning to trust my friends has been a slow but invaluable process.” – Brennan Manning

I am not very good at being vulnerable but learning to open up to the right people has been the most valuable gift I have ever given myself.



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