50 books in 52 weeks

January 10, 2014



For the past 3 years I have been trying to read 50 books in a single year. At first I was no where close and the next year almost there… and 2013? I made it.

2011: 23 books

2012: 43 books

2013: 51 books. 18,527 pages.

There is no point in being modest, I am really proud of this accomplishments. For those that spend any sort of time with me in real life, you know I have at least one book in my purse at all time. I often arrive early to coffee or dinner or events, just so I can read. And my “perfect guy” will be one that doesn’t mind me curling up on the couch to read all night. (You’d be surprised how I have yet to date a guy that can just “hang” like that)

Reading isn’t difficult but it is time sensitive, thankfully I really enjoy it. But reading 51 books in year? Never again. The month of December was stressful as I had gotten behind but finished my 51st book just a few hours before my NYE plans.

Also, in case you didn’t know? Girls who read are sexy.


  1. Get a pixie haircut. – Completed Dec 12, 2012
  2. Go on a vacation alone.
  3. Karaoke.
  4. Camp.
  5. Learn to longboard skateboard. Or at least attempt it.
  6. Complete a catch on the flying trapeze. – Completed Sept 24, 2013
  7. Throw a fancy dinner party.
  8. Run a marathon. (But I will settle for a half)
  9. Visit Canada.
  10. Travel to a country I have never been before (not Canada). – Completed May 9, 2013 with Amsterdam
  11. Revisit my best friend in Florida.
  12. See a football game in the south. War Eagle.
  13. Learn to grill. – Completed April 2013
  14. Attempt snowboarding… again.
  15. Take a cooking class. – Completed Nov 11, 2012 at Pantry at Delancy – Pie Ninja
  16. Hold my future niece or nephew. – Completed October 15, 2013
  17. Treat my parents.
  18. Make a pie from scratch. – Completed November 21, 2012 – Apple Ginger Pie
  19. Find the perfect swimsuit.
  20. Decorate a christmas tree.
  21. Ride a motorcycle.
  22. Explore 5 states I have never visited before.
  23. Conquer my reoccuring NYE resolution of reading 50 books in one year. – Completed 2013
  24. Learn to french braid. – Completed Fall 2012
  25. Take a 2 week vacation: 2 consecutive weeks.
  26. Build something… that doesn’t come from Ikea.
  27. Do one cartwheel.
  28. Matchmake a couple, successfully.
  29. Wear my navy blue special occasion Florida dress.
  30. Be apart of something momentous, memorable, and national. Subjective… deal with it.

BONUS: Be awesome every day.

2 thoughts on “50 books in 52 weeks

  1. Vanessa

    Good job! I’m feeling so accomplished having read 20 books last year! I need to step up my game!

    Are these the actual books you read? I may need to pick your brain about a few of them. I currently have 6 or 7 waiting for me on my Kindle, so when I’m done with those, I’ll be asking about some of these!

    Happy Reading! And yes, girls who read are the very sexiest.

    1. Dani Post author

      Yes, all books! Although my family was trying to convince me to switch to picture books as my stress peaked in December! I have a few good ones that are worth reading and a few others that were a bit laborious.


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