Another month of family dinner, another month that I didn’t practice the recipe prior to making it for guests. My mother would so disapprove. But one thing she did instill in me is: you won’t learn to be a good host until you start hosting.

This month I made an Indian dish of chicken biryani and served it with naan, zucchini and Whitehaven sauvignon blanc. The flavor was good but a little over cooked. Although the main course may have been a bit dry no one walked away with salmonella so we are calling this month a win. Thankfully, Elyse saved the night with crumble berry bars and ice cream.

I have no pictures of the food as you can see. Normally, I would be so disappointed by this miss but it was only because I forgot. Company and conversation were so enjoyable that time flew by before it even came on my radar.

Until next month….

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