But my dog ate it!

December 30, 2011

I am dogsitting my fur nephew for the week and spoiling him rotten.

He gets to sleep in bed with me, mind you, under the covers too, a little bit of extra food plus a new bone, and I even come home from work early.

Until yesterday.

All bets are off.

We have all heard the excuse. “My dog ate my..”


Yes, I am 26.
Yes, I wear my retainer religiously each night.
A few people find it adorable. (Most don’t.)

But after having braces twice (once when I was an “adult”) and jaw surgery once, I am obsessed with straight teeth.

Correction, I’m obsessed with teeth in general. Do you know anyone else that keeps a tooth brush in her car and office?

My orthodontist is in San Francisco and closed until next Tuesday. I am having near panic attacks that my teeth will go crooked by then. And I’m still slated to puppy sit until Monday. Will people please stop asking me to dog sit?

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