In all my explorations across Amsterdam, Hotel Droog was by far my favorite find.

At the historical centre of Amsterdam, you will find a hospitality experience like no other. Hôtel Droog is a place where you can come for a drink, a bite to eat, exclusive shopping, exhibitions, beauty advice, a stroll in the garden, a lecture series, or even a bed for the night.

As soon as you walk in to Hotel Droog, you feel more creative by the atmosphere alone. The first floor is their main shop with the front room for furniture and miscellaneous products and the backroom has apparel. At the second level you will find their cafe and fashion / beauty inspired rooms and on the top level is the one and only hotel room.

The store sells design inspired product, the garden is like a scene from Willy Wonka, and the cafe is so warm and perfect I never wanted to leave. It perfectly balances minimalism, color, and design… And if I could, I would rent out their hotel room year round.

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