A few years back I worked for a nightlife dot com and ran it’s San Francisco division. I worked with an amazing team of photographers, DJs, promoters and venues. But I had a favorite: AplusD of BootieSF fame.

Their bi-monthly event was one of the best dance parties I had ever experienced.

Their music was exquisitely crafted and the crowd was there to strictly dance.

Their parties were one of the few that I myself would go out to cover just so I could work for a bit then spend the rest of the evening dancing.

As soon as I learned that they had a Bootie Seattle, I started planning.

A group formed and the night arrived.

We got there at 10pm… which is early in my nightlife book… and the venue was already full. By 10:30 it was shoulder to shoulder dancing and when the clock hit 2am and the last song was played the floor was still lively.

They are coming back on March 2nd for a Mardi Gras event. I’ll be there. Will you?

Special thanks to AplusD for hosting me that night.


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