Eat, Drink, and Belly Ache

September 9, 2011

My weekend in a nutshell would best be described as: Eat, Drink, and Belly Ache

I took a long weekend off from work and drove up to Seattle to spend time with my sister and brother in law. We had Bumbershoot on the calendar but I was also warned that Ashley had a weekend booked full of adventure.

On Friday I was on my own for the day time which meant an early morning walk, a bit of exploring Queen Anne and Seattle, being ragged on on Facebook and Instagram for being a hipster, discovering a new coffee shop and then hanging out on campus waiting for Vik and Ashley to finish work. Post work, we literally ate and drank till late in the evening. First stop was Tavern Law for drinks and appetizers. This bar reminded me of a brighter Violet Hour (Chicago) and even had a secret door / upstairs room for the truly special. Afterwards we had dinner and wine at Sitka and Spruce. From 5pm until 11pm, every dish and drink I had was absolutely amazing. I am still stuffed just thinking about it.

On Saturday, naturally, I was the first to rise and shine. But being an early riser allowed for a quiet morning walk and excellent cup of coffee. Then my day took off with watching boats in the harbor, college football, and Bumbershoot, Seattle’s yearly outdoor music/art festival.

Finally, Sunday didn’t allow for any rest with an amazing breakfast by Vik then straight into wine tasting with a limo bus of friends and far too many wineries.

This weekend was perfect in every way.












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