A Ted talk was recently shared with me about the power of vulnerability by Brene Brown. If you haven’t listened to it, I recommend you take a few minutes to enjoy a very insightful talk:

I love vulnerability. In fact, I search it out by surrounding myself with people who are authentic and open about who they are — both the good and the bad. Unfortunately, I have always struggled with returning that same gift of loving kindness to myself and I have found I keep even some my closest friends at arm’s length in attempt to play it safe.

I don’t know if it was turning 30, or a series of other events, but taking good care of myself has become one of my biggest priorities. I don’t mean the typical self-care of eating a certain way or swimming more laps. I mean in extending a little loving kindness to myself and not putting so much pressure on myself to be perfect. And in fact, taking the big step of giving myself permission to be imperfect and letting others see my imperfections as well. Let me tell you, my therapist has had her hands full helping me to courageously maneuver through this landmine!

Watching Brene’s Ted talk was like sitting in one of my sessions with my paid BFF (therapist). I walk in looking for solutions and right answers and fight her on every path as she teaches me there isn’t one right solution. It is good to have an impartial sounding board to reflect your life back to you or hold you to a path of growth and new insights. But, I have found removing tired thinking isn’t easy.  At times, when a breakthrough is near I want to hide and try to brush past an issue with a smile, a shrug of my shoulders, or a quick response of “it’s fine.”. But, she doesn’t let me get away with that, and instead she reminds me this is a journey and encourages me down the path of vulnerability.

I do not want to live a life where I can be accepting and forgiving everyone else’s flaws and failures but live in constant fear that people won’t accept or forgive mine. Instead, I want to believe that I am worthy of as much love as I give.

This is a journey.

My journey will look drastically different than yours but I wholeheartedly believe that “vulnerability is the birthplace of joy and creativity” and there are no better description than that for what I want my life to full of.


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