As Google Reader disappeared and Feedly transferred all of my blog subscriptions, many of my previously read blogs reappeared. As I sorted through what was new and what was old, I came across these photos again.

In a serious by Ilona Jongepier titled “Paris Paris” she captures the epitome of my future family dreams. Yes, I dream of matching my ridiculously adorable daughter. There is no judging on Andbubblegum.

But more than the wardrobe and the cute daughter, I love their relationship, the shared whimsy and appreciation of life. I look at these pictures and think that that is the kind of mom I want to be: I want to be in the moment, a bit silly, and show them how I choose happiness.
I also want to wear socks with dresses every day. But that is another story.
As much as uncertainty there is in my future and things out of my control, I do know that I will have at least one kid one day because I hope to adopt. With that child or two, whether they are adopted or a product of marriage… I am going to be one heck of a mom. And perhaps like this mom, matching outfits included.

Not from the Paris Paris series but perhaps the same “mom” and a glimpse into my perfect future. J’adore.

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