To a new year…

December 31, 2010

I have mixed feelings about 2010 and I can’t decide if I will miss this year or wish it quickly forgotten.

Overall, I think I have grown to be a stronger person, much in part to little wins and big failures.

Earlier this month I wrote 5 resolutions for 2011 and actionable tasks to help me accomplish them. And then I scratched the list and started over. I, instead, wanted 5 items that come December 31, 2011 I can check off as yes or no… no questions asked.

Looking back at my resolutions, ultimately they revolved around being happy. Since happiness is relative and I have no interest in defining my happiness (sorry too personal) you are stuck with what happiness looks like for me through my resolutions.

  1. I will read 50 books in 52 weeks.
  2. I will successfully do a hand catch and return on the flying trapeze.
  3. I will dance the entire night at my sister’s wedding.
  4. I will take a trip alone.
  5. I will sell/get rid of Club RAV.
And for a resolution that every year I never give up:
I will do one thing a month I have never done before.

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