I was sitting on my bed in a hostel in the middle of Paris when I learned that Michael Jackson had died. I received a text from sister and I thought it was a joke. Later that day, there was a psuedo parade of people dressed in his iconic looks blasting his music as they walked the Tuileries Garden.

I was sad. He was an icon and an influence into pop culture.

But when I learned Whitney Houston died, I was heartbroken.

Growing up my older sister loved Whitney Houston which of course meant that I did also.

It wasn’t just her music… or The Bodyguard (amazing movie!)… or the fact that my sister thought she was cool… there was just something about Whitney.

But mostly, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” was my anthem growing up and one of the biggest influencers into my love life.

I remember sneaking this song onto a church trip and listening to it on repeat.

I burned the words into my head.

I took every lyric to heart and I took it literally.

And now… in my late 20’s, when I’m no longer just dreaming about dating and finding someone to dance with I still haven’t let go of this song.


  • I date.
  • Find ways to have my date dance.
  • Look for “the heat” like she croons.
  • And ask myself, “Is this a man who’ll take a chance on a love that burns hot enough to last?”

My 10 year old self is proud. She can’t figure out why I’m single.


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