Guy Cute vs. Girl Cute

October 28, 2013


A common conversation my family and I have is the theory of “Guy Cute” and “Girl Cute.” The idea is that most often girls dress for the approval of other girls, and often wear something that men do not find attractive.

Dressing to be cute in a guy’s eyes could be the last worry you may have, but…, as a single girl, this is my family’s first touch point as to why I am single. In their eyes, I am the worst offender.

My dress style is best described as quirky lady-like with lots of layers. (trademark pending 😉 ) I typically take something that would be very pretty and then add pieces on top of pieces. I can walk down the street and have a handful of girls stop to compliment me (true story), but it does nothing to attract the opposite sex.

In fact, one of my coworkers told me I am the very definition of the “Man Repeller” manifesto. But perhaps my brother-in-law said it best, “You are like Zoey Deschanel. Every guy thinks she is ‘cute’ but she isn’t ‘hot.'” I happen to take both as a compliment… 1. The Man Repeller is fabulous 2. Zoey Deschanel is exactly what I am going for.

But in case you are like me… being told by family and friends that you dress cute but terribly weird… this is my sure fire advice for dressing “guy cute”.

1. Simplify

Yep, that’s it. Guys aren’t complicated. Less is more (and no I am not talking about showing more skin). Wearing the bells and whistles will put you on the path of “girl cute”. Instead wear simple pieces that that fit you well and won’t detract from your awesome personality.

Because let’s be honest… what you wear will only get you a second glance. Who you are, well that’s a whole other blog post.

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