To My Dad:

June 16, 2013

Taking a quick moment to say:

Happy Father’s Day!

To the dads that have come and those that have gone, we are who we are because of you but we will let you take credit for only the good.

To my dad…

Words cannot do justice in the impact you have left and continue to leave on my life. You have set a standard for me in the type of man I hope to one day start a family with. You are kind, generous, open, loving, sincere, and passionate.

You have blessed my life abundantly and shaped me to a strong woman of God.

I’ve never considered myself a lucky person, as things have never come easy for me, but you taught me to work hard and not give up. Looking back, perhaps I was wrong about “luck” though… Not everyone has had a dad (and mom) like I have and every day I am grateful for the life you gave me.

I love you.

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